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Al-Marzouki to establish new Tunisian political party

Former Tunisian President Moncef El-Marzouki is to establish a new political party which would include several “important” figures, Adnan Monassar, senior leader in Al-Marzouki’s Citizen People Movement told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed yesterday.

Monassar said that Al-Marzouk would be the head of the new party, whose name has not been decided yet.

He said that Al-Marzouki had commissioned a number of the constitutional board’s members to prepare for the party’s announcement.

The new party would not deal with politics as a factional issue, but as moral and social projects based on respecting the constitution and state of law, as well as calling for transparency and social justice, he explained.

He added that the Tunisian political arena has suffered from a “large vacuum” which all opposition parties have failed to fill.

“There is a need for variety,” he said. “We remained silent for one year, we did not interrupt the work of the ruling coalition, but we have the right to return to the political arena with a new methodology that avoids the mistakes of previous experiences.”

Commenting on the performance of the current government, he said that it had committed many mistakes at the economic, social and diplomatic levels, as well as at the level of fighting terror.

Monassar did not give an answer about whether the new party is to take part in the upcoming local elections due at the end of 2016.

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