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UAE’s Khalfan calls for single state under Jewish control

Deputy Chief of Dubai Police Dahi Khalfan yesterday called for integration with the Jews in a single state called Israel under Jewish control, Arabi21 reported.

Commenting on the secret removal of 17 Jews from Yemen to Israel, Khalfan tweeted: “We must deal with Jews as if they are not the enemy. We must deal with Jews as if we are cousins who are disputing control over the land and the result must be based on each other’s strongest proof.”

He continued: “I suggest no Palestinian state be established but Israel is enough to include Palestinians and Jews and Israel will join the Arab League 70 years later when 75 per cent of its residents will be Arabs. This way, we live with Jews in permanent peace.”

“A Palestinian state controlled by Arabs will result in a new failure state in the Arab world… The idea of the integration with Jews is fantastic,” noting this is the idea in South Africa, he wrote.

The controversial Arab security commander continued: “Jerusalem for us [Arabs] and Al-Mabka Wall [the Jewish Wailing Wall] for them [Jews]. This way, we live together, Arabs and Jews, in a state called rubbish… The name is not important.”

“Unity between Arabs and Jews in a historic moment means Allah’s force on earth… Without Jews, Arabs could not sign their names in banks… Oh Arabs, do not stop Israel, you will not be recognised without Jews, you will be recognised only if you became part of Israel.”

“Jews are good like normal people. Their treatment is better than ours,” he said, going on to ridiculed the name of Palestine: “Feles… teen… We do not like the name… Israel is better.”

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