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Renowned international record fair backs cultural boycott of Israel

April 1, 2016 at 4:34 pm

Independent Label Market (ILM), an international record fair, has refused an offer to take its market to Tel Aviv, citing the cultural boycott of Israel.

An Israeli distribution company approached ILM, which has taken place in London (where it began), New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and Barcelona, with the offer of hosting the market in Tel Aviv.

ILM co-founder Joe Daniel replied to the invitation, writing: “I’m sure there would be potential for this in Tel Aviv, however we can’t bring ILM to Tel Aviv because we support the aims of the Palestinian-led cultural boycott.”

Since launching in May 2011Independent Label Market has “brought together the founders of over 180 of the World’s greatest independent record labels on both sides of the Atlantic to sell their fresh vinyl produce directly to the public at that traditional goods exchange – a market stall.”

News of ILM’s support for the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel was welcomed by Brian Eno, who stated: “As the Israeli government slides further and further to the fundamentalist right, it is important that the rest of the world registers its strong disapproval.”

Israeli activist group Boycott! Supporting The Palestinian BDS Call From Within also responded, thanking ILM “for taking a moral stance and refusing to bring your record fair to Tel Aviv”, adding that they “hope to see more cultural institutions and conscientious artists follow in your footsteps.”

British-Palestinian musician Samir Eskanda commented: “More and more musicians and industry figures are deciding to speak out in support of Palestinian rights, by endorsing the cultural boycott of Israel. Refusing professional engagements in Israel, or with institutions linked to its government, is the most appropriate response to the crimes of an apartheid state.”