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Iraq's Al-Sadr reportedly summoned to Tehran

Iraq's Shia cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr was summoned to Tehran "for bashing and rebuke", a Lebanon-based Shia cleric said.

Secretary General of the Arab Islamic Council in Lebanon Mohammad Ali Husseini said that the Iranian embassy in Baghdad informed Al-Sadr that he was summoned to Tehran because "his followers crossed red lines by criticizing and insulting clerical rule at a time when the Iranian regime is facing noticeable political and military decline among the countries of the region".

Husseini told Okaz newspaper that Al-Sadr "will be subjected to much blame, censure and pressure" and he will be "redirected to serve Iran's interest".

Al-Sadr has mobilized followers to take to the streets to demand reforms and the replacement of ministers belonging to the parties dominating power in Baghdad.

Supporters of Al-Sadr stormed Baghdad's Green Zone on Saturday before forcing their way into the parliament building where they broke windows and smashed furniture.

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