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Yemeni couple die on wedding night due to power outage

The power outage in Aden, in southern Yemen, led to the death of a Yemeni couple last night, mere hours after their wedding. The cause of their death was suffocation by the exhaust fumes from their diesel operated electricity generator.

A source from the couple's family told the Anadolu Agency: "The couple, Aidarous Nasr Sayyad, 42, and his bride, 35, who live in the Al-Aidarous neighbourhood in the city of Crater in Aden, died after suffocating on the fumes from the electricity generator they were using on their wedding night due to the fact the power outage that lasted all last night in the city."

The source, who preferred to remain unnamed, also said: "The bride's mother discovered the dead couple this morning after bringing them breakfast. She had noticed thick smoke covering the area."

"The couple's bodies were buried this afternoon, after funeral prayers were held at the same mosque they were married in the day before." This tragic incident is the first of its kind in the county.

Aden, which was declared the temporary capital of the country in February, has reported repeated power outages. These outages increased this month, reaching over 16 hours a day. Most residents resort to cheap generators that are fuel operated for electricity.

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