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40 defence ministers discuss anti-Daesh war

The defence ministers of an international coalition led by the United States met in Washington yesterday as part of a two-day event to discuss the fight against Daesh.

The event comes in response to a number of attacks which have taken place on an international level for which the group has claimed responsibility.

The International Alliance Special Presidential Envoy Brett Makourk said the attacks will undoubtedly be the main topic of concern during the talks.

Over the two days, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Defence Secretary Ashton Carter will meet with 40 defence ministers and leaders.

Following remarks by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who expected more attacks to take place, Makourk warned the world will see more of these attacks.

Makourk said the international coalition that launched 14,000 raids in the past two years "achieves successes on the ground", but he acknowledged that "there is a lot of work to dismantle the jihadi networks in the world."

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