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PA: Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes ‘disrespect’ of international law

File photo of an Israeli bulldozer.

The demolition of 15 Palestinian homes by the Israeli occupation forces in occupied Jerusalem is a form of “disrespect” of international law, a statement issued by the PA foreign ministry said yesterday.

In the statement, the PA said: “The retention of Israeli occupational and Judaisation policies, which aim to empty Jerusalem of its Palestinian residents in favour of settlers, closes the door ahead of achieving a just peace and establishing a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

In addition, the PA said that the “Israeli attacks against the Palestinian existence in Jerusalem is increasing in light of the absence of any effective reaction or deterrent from the international community.”

The PA also accused the international community of “failing to bear its responsibility towards the Palestinians and afford international protection for them, as well as failing to hold Israel accountable for its repeated crimes.”

Meanwhile, the statement noted that the “extremist Israeli government led by [Benjamin] Netanyahu has been continuous in its war against the Palestinians in Jerusalem and its surroundings aiming to Judaise the city and uproot its residents.”

“The Israeli government revokes identities of Jerusalemites, demolishes their homes, expels them, imposes high taxes on them, imprisons them and carries out field executions against them.”

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