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Al-Khodari: Israel's refusal to have Gaza seaport tightens the siege

Israel's refusal to allow a seaport to be built in the Gaza Strip tightens its siege on the coastal enclave, the head of the Popular Committee Against the Siege on Gaza said yesterday.

Jamal Al-Khodari said in a statement that the seaport in Gaza is a "right for the Palestinian which is guaranteed by international conventions."

"Apart from opening the Rafah crossing, building a seaport in Gaza is a cornerstone for ending the siege, granting Gaza free trade exchanges, building an airport and opening the West Bank-Gaza passage."

The independent MP reiterated the importance of "joint" Palestinian action and called for Arabic and international pressure to be put on the Israeli occupation in order to allow a seaport to be built.

Al-Khodari noted that the situation in Gaza is very "difficult" due to the continuous siege and because a "very long list of commodities" are banned from entering the Strip.

He added: "Despite the continuous international warnings of the tragic and dangerous situation in Gaza and the reports of the poverty rate which is approximately 80 per cent, the Israeli occupation increases and tightens the siege."

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