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Assad starving Syrians into submission

September 2, 2016 at 2:00 pm

The Assad regime’s strangulation of Syrian towns and cities is leading to more areas falling back into government hands.

Mass evacuations are expected in a number of areas which have been suffering from sieges at the hands of regime forces for years. Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has used the policy of refusing to allow aid into besieged areas denying residents access to food and medicines.

The Damascus suburb of Moadamiyah is the latest area which is being returned to Assad. The UN has reported that the area was gassed in 2013 and remained under siege for three years.

Moadamiyah’s 28,000 residents have struggled to meet their daily food requirements. This forced them to negotiate with the regime they had been fighting to oust.

The UN has warned that a number of areas will fall back into regime hands due to the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the country, in particular in areas which have been under a government imposed siege.

Russian airstrike area also said to be increasing the pressure on opposition fighters and helping regime troops on the ground to progress into areas which have been out of their control for years.