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Houthis steal public funds worth $1.2m to launch radio station

Image of one of the Houthi rebels in Yemen [file photo]
Image of one of the Houthi rebels in Yemen [file photo]

The Houthis have stolen 300 million riyals ($1.2 million) in public funds to setup a new radio station, a source told AlKhaleejOnline.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said a senior Houthi figure would run the new station.

Houthis own two radio stations in Sana’a, SAM FM and Sawt El Shaab, in addition to gaining control of the government radio stations.

According to the source, the new radio station’s budget is a part of the state’s media allocation which is controlled by the Iranian-backed militia.

About a year ago, Houthi militia seized control of Hayat FM and raided its headquarters. The station became Sawt El Shaab radio station with a budget over six million riyals ($23,990) per month.

Ahmed Hamid known as “Abu Mahfouz” is currently heading the station’s board of directors. He is the group’s media official.

Houthis has also ransacked NASS FM radio station’s equipment and confiscated its equipment.

According to observers, the radio stations are the most important way for the militia to promote its campaigns.

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