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False flag: Baghdad car bomb attack faked

November 3, 2016 at 2:22 pm

Iraqi social media and local news agencies have been aflame with criticism of the government for seemingly allowing or turning a blind eye to what appears to be a fabricated car bomb terrorist attack in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

The footage clearly shows a man setting something up in a vehicle parked in an otherwise empty street. The man then departs, only for the car to explode moments later.

Seemingly as if on cue, about ten men suddenly run onto the empty street and dramatically hurl themselves to the ground, adopting poses that makes it appear as though they have been either killed or severely wounded by the car bomb that is still burning away in the background.

Adding to the drama, first responders then appear on the scene to carry the “dead and wounded” away on stretchers and makeshift hammocks.

Footage of the “aftermath” further shows what appears to be blood on the floor. It is unclear where the blood came from, or if it is indeed blood, as no one was present when the car bomb detonated. This suggests it was later planted on the scene.

The Iraqi Al-Rafidain television channel said that the blast was orchestrated by the Iraqi authorities in order to justify its marginalisation policies against the Sunni community as well as to encourage people to turn a blind eye to violence committed against them.

If true, this would represent an example of a “false flag” operation designed to demonise a segment of Iraq’s social fabric in order to continue a policy of persecution and disenfranchisement.

It may also lead to heightened desires for vengeance against people painted as terrorists, which may in turn lead to atrocities being committed against communities for alleged ties to Daesh.

Human rights organisations have already accused Iraqi authorities of committing grave violations against the Sunni population on the basis of allegations of working with Daesh, with Amnesty International recently describing these abuses as “war crimes”.