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Families displaced from Mosul face starvation in Khazar camp

MOSUL, IRAQ - 3 NOVEMBER: (Yunus Keleş - Anadolu Agency)

More than 500 Iraqi families who fled the fighting in eastern Mosul and sought refuge in the Khazar camp near Erbil are faced with starvation due to lack of food, water and medicine in the camp.

A member of forces coalition from the province of Nineveh, Wesal Salim told Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed news yesterday that 500 families arrived on Saturday to Khazar camp after fleeing the fighting east of Mosul.

"The suffering in the camp can not be described. Hunger, thirst and disease will kill them, and the Nineveh province authority and its Department of Health and the central government did not bear their responsibilities towards the displaced" Salim said, pointing out that those departments did not visit the camp and did not provide anything for them.

The Barzani foundation has offered some assistance to the displaced, but it is not enough, she added.

Salim has called to extend a helping hand to the needy and support the displaced families.

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