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Israel demolishes Palestinian-owned structures in Jericho

Israel demolished Palestinian home in northern Jordan Valley on September 16th 2016 [Nedal Eshtayah/Wikipedia]
Israel demolished Palestinian home in northern Jordan Valley on September 16th 2016 [Nedal Eshtayah/Wikipedia]

Israeli forces yesterday levelled a number of structures belonging to several Palestinian families in the Jordan Valley, north of Jericho city in the occupied West Bank.

According to the Palestinian government news agency Wafa, Israeli bulldozers and soldiers raided the village of Fasayil and destroyed several steel structures belonging to Abed Al-Hadi Ali Hussein Obayyat, Adnan Ibrahim Abu Kharabish, and Zaid Mahmoud Ibrahim Abu Kharabish.

Israeli forces also demolished two healthcare facilities belonging to Adnan and Zaid Abu Kharabish, Wafa reported.

A spokesperson for COGAT, the Israeli agency responsible for implementing Israeli policies in the occupied Palestinian territory, was not immediately available to comment on the demolitions.

Meanwhile, earlier yesterday, Israeli authorities demolished three Palestinian structures in the neighbourhood of Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem.

Demolitions of Palestinian structures and homes in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem have seen an unprecedented surge this year, with the number of structures demolished in the first half of 2016 well exceeding the total number of demolitions carried out in all of 2015.

At least 1,569 Palestinians have been displaced since the beginning of 2016 as a result of demolitions in the occupied territory, compared to 688 Palestinians displaced over the entirety of 2015, according to UN documentation.

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  • Gary Lawrence

    I don’t believe the soldiers I saw in photographs as a kid would ever condone what we have seen from the IDF, a grown man, WEARING A MASK, wrestling down a little boy. The shock and horror they endure is a shameful reflection of the so-called Quartets, not so great insight into what is going on, on the ground.

    In world polls, Israel is 2nd only to the United States as the greatest threat to peace. The “threats”, such as North Korea and Iran, warmongers according to Washington slightly move the needle as threats in world polls. What kind of military tortures children? The answer is a military that has no self-respect. It really is a military with genocide as a mindset. The disproportionate response by Israel during Operation Protective Edge is documented, though Israel won’t allow real documentation for fear of prosecution. I do believe an independent investigation is the right step forward for the Obama administration when it bombed a hospital in Afghanistan. World opinion is important; more importantly is what the American people believe. Believe our world leaders, from world wars, war crimes should not be allowed to become acceptable for any nation.

  • Gary Lawrence

    Such cowards are the IDF soldiers. I will never forget that picture
    of a grown IDF soldier wrestling down a small child with his face
    masked. And Hillary Clinton gives praise to Israel. She is
    sick in the head, just as I’ve said. She is morally sick and putting
    a two faced liars face on the face of America.
    We all can take some solus in the fact, time CANNOT make
    Netanyahu’s war crimes disappear, nor those of his cowardly IDF. Justice is going to catch up, even with the soldiers, whose faces they try, so hard, to hide. I can see the Israeli soldiers as Morlocks, from H G Wells, The Time Machine. And the Proud Palestinians, PROTESTING AND FIGHTING BACK, with nothing that can really hurt Israel, except the conscious awakening of world opinion. The UN has officially ACKNOWLEDGED every human being on the planet will resist occupation and a brutal one at that from Israel. It’s so sad that they must pay with their lives just for protesting or describing Israels heinous crimes against them. And it continues day after day. They live in an open air prison where Israel controls even their daily calories and whether they live behind bars or walls.

  • Gary Lawrence

    Benjamin Netanyahu and his Israeli soldiers are known liars as president Obama was caught saying in response to another foreign leaders same disgust.


    X. Prisoner X was being held under administrative detention. They
    weren’t going to tell anyone about him. And we will never know if he
    woke up and Israhell or just couldn’t be trusted. He wasn’t Israeli.


    Israel may soon be expelling people who support BDS. Netanyahu is creating a group which will monitor and identify those supporting BDS in Israel.
    BDS is just the beginning of the road to LOCKUP, PROSECUTE, and EXECUTE, Netanyahu and THOSE IDF, POLICE, and ISRAELIS guilty of WAR CRIMES. That is not the goal of BDS. Just a logical progression, I believe we should SEE. Every one of his generals will never dare leave Israel.
    Two nations of the world have a bounty on his head, inch by inch, if necessary. We all know the United States and many other nations should be on board. Is it time to take action against Netanyahu’s Israel??? Stephen Hawking says, “anyone can answer big questions.”

    Stephen Hawking has joined BDS and will not speak in Israel. Stop the cold blooded killer, Netanyahu, who will keep replacing those who have a conscience, with those hardliners who have war crimes as a mindset like himself.