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Gaza shows solidarity with Aleppo and Burma’s Rohingya Muslims

The student wing of Hamas, known as Islamic Bloc, organised a student gathering on Tuesday in Gaza City to stand in solidarity with the people of Aleppo and Burma’s Rohingya Muslims, reports a MEMO correspondent. The students taking part in the solidarity vigil performed songs and re-enacted the situation in Syria and Burma.

“All the vicious powers in the world are gathering against Muslims everywhere,” student leader Nidal Eid told the crowd. “Aleppo is burning and humanity is being killed and buried beneath its rubble while the world is watching.” While some countries take part in the killing, he pointed out, others negotiate. “Shamefully, though, most of the world is silent.”

Turning to the issue of the Rohingya people in Burma, Eid accused the authorities and Buddhists of ethnic cleansing. “Our brothers and sisters there are being killed, forced out of their homes, tortured and burnt to death without mercy. There is a clear war against Islam and Muslims in Burma.”

The student leader called on the Arabs, Muslims and the international community, which claims to protect human rights and freedoms, to act as a matter of urgency and stop the bloodshed in Aleppo and Burma.

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