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Iranian attack on Hamas

The head of the Hamas Political Bureau Khaled Meshaal
The head of the Hamas Political Bureau Khaled Meshaal [file photo]

Khamenei’s circles did not hide their outrage at Hamas because of the movement’s position on Aleppo’s battle. It was clearly expressed by Hezbollah’s newspapers and media outlets in Lebanon, as well as by some Iranian newspapers and media sites, in addition to statements by Iranian officials.

The attack came after a statement that was issued by Hamas regarding the Battle for Aleppo and after events were held in the Gaza Strip in support of the Syrian people during the movement’s anniversary commemoration festival. This was in addition to the steps Hamas took against some new Shia groups in the Gaza Strip – the so called Al-Sabirin group – which went too far with their insolence when they expressed their joy and celebrated the occupation of Aleppo by Iranian militias under the cover of Russian aviation.

The fact is that the debate over the relationship with Iran did not stop within Hamas, and of course that depended on the presence of remnants of support from Iran to the military wing of the movement. But the clarity of the Arab and Muslim masses’ choice during the battle of Aleppo did not give the movement a chance to stand silent; whether that was in response to its guidelines, or in response to the Sunni Arab masses, which the movement could not risk losing, or for a principled position, which is the same position that pushed the movement to leave Syria after the revolution.

There is no doubt that the blockade imposed by official Arab circles and suffered by the movement is still weighing on it and it is what has been pushing it to keep at least minimum relations with Iran. Iran also needs that relationship, not only to use as cover up for its ideological attack on the nation, but also to keep promoting the story of resistance and opposition, although it is no longer compelling to anyone, except for a few who wish to convince themselves to justify their positions.

There is no doubt that Hamas’ last position was correct and far-sighted. The movement’s loss of Arab and Islamic masses, including Palestinian ones which are in line with the nation, cannot be compensated by any benefits it can obtain from Iran, not to mention they’d be temporary benefits that are going to stop in the upcoming stage where Iran may have to change its rhetoric to face US President-elect Donald Trump’s pressure and the new equations of blackmail regarding the nuclear agreement and sanctions.

The fact is that the remnants of Iran’s support for the movement; the support that had stopped for years before shyly coming back in the last two years, is not related to the principle mentioned, but rather involves clear political intentions and anyone who embraces the Egyptian regime, ignoring its intimate relationship with the Zionist entity, and besieging of the Gaza Strip for no other reason but to collude with its aggression, does not really care about resistance in any way.

In light of this, we can say that the movement was successful in its last position, and should not hesitate in confirming it; in loyalty to its audience first, and in loyalty to the popular Arab and Islamic crowds which never kept any material or moral support from it, including the Syrian people themselves.

The Iranian anger, and the anger of the followers, is happening anyways, and as long as the movement sees itself as part of the majority and insists on it, it will continue to be in a hostile position, even if it was complimented with some support.

What needs to be said here is that countries concerned with confronting Iranian aggression must take a different stance from the movement, whether on the political level, or at the level of financial support in order not to leave it in a position where it has to ask for Iran’s support.

Translated from The New Khalij, 29 December 2016

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  • virgile

    A totally deluded article.
    Hamas has lost all its allies by making stupid choices. It is now paying for is disloyalty toward Syria that hosted and funded its leaders for decades when no other Arab country wanted them.
    Iran thought it could find an ally in Hamas in its fight against Israel and Islamist extremist. Hamas has been disloyal to Iran especially after it supported it financially and asked Hezbollah to train Hamas in its fight against Israel. It turned out that Hamas does not know the meaning of loyalty and is interested in Sunni money and fighting Shias rather than Israelis.Turkey is gradually dissociating itself from Hamas as it is try to get closer to Egypt that represent a huge business opportunity. With Turkey re establishing diplomatic relation with Israel. Hamas is persona non grata in Turkey..
    Hamas is left with Qatar at is sole ally. Saudi Arabia and Egypt detest Hamas as it represents the dreaded Moslem Brothehood.
    It seems that the Syria crisis will have another toll: The end of Hamas.

    • Josh

      Hamas is putting the lies of people like you to bed with its position. the war in syria isnt about killing shias as video evidence of the protests proves. Hamas sees the lies of iranians and extremists shiites who want to avenge hussein by murdering and pillaging syria. if you were anything near an honest person you would start to see the shiite aggression on sunni syria. the people wanted to be included in the christian alawite government but were met with machine guns. Hamas lives under the same savagery as bashar, iran and russia inflict on syria. how could hamas support the destruction of populations and cities while claiming to defend against such acts? again the hypocrisy of said evil comes to light and you are more proof of that. supporting the shiite invasion of iran on sunni syria because iranian state tv told you the opposition were all isis and not more like hamas or even nationalists PLO as is the case. Hamas has a backbone and is willing to stand up for what it believes no matter how much money they stand to lose. The honor and dedication of hamas is unrivaled but before i got allow me to point out your 3rd evil hypocritical position. In 2006 al qusair syria hung signs on the streets welcoming shiite refugees from the israeli onslaught hezbollah repayed said debt by launching a fierce assault on the same village which welcomed them only years before june 2013.

      hamas weapons have only ever been pointed at israelis so again another filthy characteristic of your side comes to bear. you have no shame and damn sure no honesty.

      “It turned out that Hamas does not know the meaning of loyalty and is interested in Sunni money and fighting Shias rather than Israelis” this statement right here is exactly in line with the stupidity and hypocrisy i mentioned. please tell me how is hamas going to engage shiites while being engulfed in its own conflict? also why is supporting syrias majority against invading shiites and russians a declaration of war on shiites? you creatures use the same tactics zionists use by blaming the victims. id have respect for iran and creatures like you if only you would admit the truth, the war is about iranian hegemony over syria and connections to lebanon. the syrian revolutionaries are not isis and they did not protest to kill shiites as your pathetic position suggests. this is all for nothing though because 5 years of this has convinced me how no one is really anti imperialist as they pursue there imperialists dreams.

      the most disgusting suggestion you could make is that hamas is more interested in fighting anyone else other than zionists. this shows me you are of that side with no shame, honesty, or decency. it would be entirely laughable if it wasnt so disgusting.

      • virgile

        You analysis is just brilliant…

      • Shane Di

        Hamas is Islamic and that makes it a criminal organization. A civilized nation like Iran should distance itself from a disgusting religion like Islam.

        • غيث الحايك

          the only thing that is disgusting are people like you, not islam.

    • gmb

      >>Hamas does not know the meaning of loyalty
      A country can only rent a terrorist.
      Eventually the terrorist turns their back on that country.

  • Helen4Yemen

    The enemy of a Muslim is not another Muslim but the Europeans from Germany, Poland, Russia, Brooklyn, Lithuania, Austria …the foreigners colonizing Palestine.

    • Shane Di

      Palestine was also colonized by Arabs in 637 AD, under Muslim dictator Umar. This colonization continues to this date and was only part of Arab imperialistic project that spanned 3 continents from China to France. It is ridiculous to even mention other occupiers when we have Islam as one.

      • Helen4Yemen

        Alan Dershowitz DNA
        98.5% Ashkenazi
        0.4% Southern European
        0.1% Balkan
        0.9% Non-Specific European
        0.1% South Asian
        99.9% European
        0.1% South Asian
        0.0% Middle East

        Why are the Ashkenazi not in Europe – their ancestral homeland?

  • fehmida

    Hama always proved be on right side as it has been pursuing since its creation. it doesn’t need anyone’s support who can pressurize for taking a wrong side be it Iran or Arab country. Well done Khaled Mishaal.

  • Shane Di

    Arab imperialists have invented Islam to take over the world. Iranians should wake up, quit Islam, and defeat Arab imperialism. If all freedom fighters unite Islam will be gone in 10 years.

  • Roger

    “Published in: Africa”

    You seem to be a little geographically challenged.

  • غيث الحايك

    I’m actually glad hamas cut ties with the tyrannical syrian regime, which lost the golan heights to israel and has never even attempted to reclaim them for decades, nor has it ever retaliated to any of israel’s ceasefire violations. hamas is sunni, not shia, nor is it a puppet of iran or anyone else. hamas is not actually taking sides in syria, but has refused to defend the crimes and hypocrisy of the syrian regime, which has actually mistreated and killed palestinians itself.