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Morocco PM: We might be forced to hold new elections

Morocco's Prime Minister-designate Abdelilah Benkirane has hinted at possible new elections after he failed to agree on a coalition government in the four months since the results of the previous election were announced.

"The political scene will not remain as it is forever, there must be a solution … maybe a new election," the website of the ruling Justice and Development Party, of which Benkirane is secretary-general. "We might redo the elections but we have said we don't want to re-do them because elections are difficult."

Permission for a new election can only be granted once Moroccan King Mohammed VI returns from his tour of Africa.

"There are heavy questions for today linked to the Constitution which says that the government is headed by the first party, and that the King chooses the secretary-general to head the government. Some are trying to stand in the face of all this and it means that the other parties do not care about democracy and do not care about the votes of the electorate," Benkirane explained.

"Democracy is not only to vote but also to maintain the citizen's voice and the right of who heads a government that is chosen." Benkirane was commissioned to form a new government by King Mohammed VI last October after his party won the most votes in the elections.

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