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Moroccans take to streets against pension reform

Hundreds of Moroccans in five major cities took to the streets over the weekend in protest at proposed pension reform, which was approved by parliament in July last year, Anadolu reported on Sunday. Protesters in Rabat, Taiwan, Miknas, Agadir and Asfi expressed their anger at the plans, which include the raising of the retirement age from 60 to 63.

Calling for the pensions of ministers and MPs to be cancelled, one of the demonstrators told Anadolu that hundreds of public sector employees took part in the protests to express their rejection of the government's reform plan. He noted that there would be a major demonstration across all Moroccan cities next month if their demands are not accepted.

When the reform plan was put to parliament last year, 70 MPs voted in favour, with 35 against; there were no abstentions. Several professional syndicates in the country also rejected the plan.

The government said that if the reform plan is not adopted, pensioners would not be able to receive their pensions after 2021 due to the financial deficit threatening the system.

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