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Pro-Israel activists thrown out of UK Parliament

Image of UK parliament [Storem/Flickr]
Image of UK parliament [Storem/Flickr]

Two pro-Israel activists were removed from the House of Lords during a pro-Palestinian event for breaching Houses of Parliament rules and regulations on Wednesday.

Pro-Israel activist and journalist Jerry Lewis and Jonathan Hoffman were removed by police after refusing repeated requests to switch off their recording device by Lord Warner, who was chairing the event.

Image of the pro-Palestinian event at the House of Lords, London UK on 30 March 2017 [The Palestinian Return Centre]

Image of the pro-Palestinian event at the House of Lords, London UK on 29 March 2017 [The Palestinian Return Centre]

The meeting was organised by the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), a London based Palestinian advocacy group, under the heading: “Balfour Declaration, no marking, no celebration, it is an apology”.

PRC representative, Sameh Habeeb, informed MEMO that the Israeli parliamentary correspondent, Jerry Lewis “broke into the meeting”. Habeeb said that this was an invitation only event and guests were requested to confirm their attendance prior to the meeting.

The organisers say that they had to be extra vigilant following the misrepresentation of their previous meeting in October by members of the pro-Israel lobby who accused the chair, Baroness Jenny Tonge, of anti-Semitism.

A parliamentary inquiry committee at the British House of Commons, however, acquitted Tonge of anti-Semitism.

Habeeb said that Lewis, who has a parliamentary accreditation as a journalist, was not invited to the meeting but he came in middle of the seminar and switched on his recording device, even though it was a violation of the rules of the Parliamentary Estate.

To record, Lewis needed permission from the event chair and the Black Rod office, which he failed to do.

Following his refusal to turn the camera off, police confiscated his Parliament Press pass and led him out of the building.

Hoffman was also requested to leave the meeting for his disruptive and disrespectful conduct towards the chair. He also used abusive language against Lord Warner and event’s audience.

Hoffman has a history of attending pro-Palestinian meetings in order to cause disruption.

In their press release, the PRC commended Lord Warner and asked all participants to respect the rules of the House.

The Centre also believes that pro-Israel activists are attempting to sabotage discussions and freedom of expression in the UK by constant smear campaigns, lies and misinformation.

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  • Jonathan

    Is this an April Fool Sameh?

    1.You are allowed to record for transcription purposes
    2. It wasn’t “their” recording device. I didn’t have one.
    3. There was no “disruptive and disrespectful conduct towards the chair”. I simply said that it was my recollection that while video recording was not allowed, sound recording for transcription purposes was.
    4. I used no “abusive language”.

    Have a good day Sameh, remember the date


    • Blake

      You freeloading squatter bums have no integrity; shame; morals or ethics + by all accounts you reek. Take a bath peasant

      • Eric11210

        You jihadists have no shame. That”s why you don’t want anyone recording your lies — because you know you would be exposed for what sickos you are.

        • Mauricio Massa

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          • A.S.F.

            Proof (besides “I hate Jews and I read it somewhere/someone told me so I know they did it.?”)

          • sailorbill

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          • A.S.F.

            You are not the first “9/11 truther” to throw out that piece of cr*p trope and, unfortunately, you won’t be the last. Islamic extremists are responsible for that unspeakable act of terror, as well as too many others that have happened in the past and more that are certain to happen in the future. Take your meds.

    • Damian Moran

      Not the first time an Apartheid apologist threw the dummy out of the pram wont be the last.

    • Irene Shemaria


      • A.S.F.

        Learn to spell, at least!

    • A.S.F.

      Good for you, Jonathan. You have a lot of support. Remember: “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”


    They are all the same they will condemn something pubIicly and back it secretly

  • A.S.F.

    If the PRC are so sure their program is beyond reproach, their methods transparent and their cause so just, why did the PRC object to being taped? It was their OWN WORDS being taped and their OWN ACTIONS being recorded. Pffftttt! Funny how “Anti-Zionists” scream about being unfairly censored and and their Freedom of Speech, Assembly and Expression being taken away when THEY show up at Pro-Israel rallies and literally do their darndest to disrupt proceedings and shut them down. It’s called having no sense of accountability and a blatant surfeit of hypocrisy.