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A caricature of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad feeding children toxic waste.
A caricature of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad feeding children toxic waste.

Yesterday, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad's plane struck the town of Khan Sheikhoun, in Idlib, killing more than 100 people and injuring over 500. The vast majority of those affected by the attack are thought to be children.

The US and the UK condemned the attack, with the latter calling for an immediate investigation as rights groups announced sarin gas was used.

Since the incident the hashtags #Khan_Sheikhoun and #Oh_Arabs_your_silence_is_betrayal have been trending on Twitter in Arabic.

Translation: "Where, where… Where are the Arab people … Where's the Arab anger… Where, where."

While the image depicts a Syrian man on the right carrying a banner which reads "steadfast", while the Arab man on the left stands gagged with a sign reading: "Silent".

Activists on social media shared pictures and videos of the bodies of children who were killed – images too graphic to publish here – as well as those taking their last breath in a scene similar to a complete massacre of humanity.

@oabozayd reported about a protest in a school in Idlib where students held a moment's silence for those killed in yesterday's attack. They also showed "their discontent with the position of the international and Arab communities following the massacre of #Khan_Sheikhoun."

@anti_coup4444 uploaded an image of Uncle Sam pinching Al-Assad's ear by way of punishment and telling him: "Hit… Strike… Kill… But do not use chemical weapons again."

Others highlighted the blame game which is playing out in America while Al-Assad continues his onslaught without consequence.

@Smagdab outlined everyone's disappointment with a short tweet.

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