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Egypt detects food which is 'unfit for human consumption'

File photo of a cattle farm [Famartin/Wikipedia]
File photo of a cattle farm [Famartin/Wikipedia]

The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population has announced the culling of 421,921 tons of food products and 76,496 litres of beverages after discovering that they were "unfit for human consumption."

The ministry's Food Control Administration (FCA) has been carrying out quality control campaigns in provinces across the country since the first quarter of 2017 and declared that the products were unfit because of changes made in their natural ingredients.

The FCA's General Director, Maysa Hamza, said yesterday that the department has inspected 45,428 facilities to ensure they comply with the ministry's health requirements. She added that an additional 84,120 samples had been sent to laboratories to check that the food products were suitable for human consumption.

Hamza pointed out that the department has detected 31,110 violations, stressing that 5,682 food facilities have been shut down due to breaches of health requirements and licenses.

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