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Mubarak-era figures to head media bodies in Egypt

Image of press media journalists [file photo]
Journalists [file photo]

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi announce in a presidential decree yesterday the formation of three media and press bodies with two figures known for their roles under now-ousted president Hosni Mubarak appointed heads of the bodies.

The state-run news agency MENA reported the formation of the Higher Council for Media Regulation, the National Media Organisation and the National Press Organisation. The first will constitute the top body for media regulation, the second will replace the Egyptian Radio and Television Union and the third will regulate state-owned newspapers.

The 2014 constitution stipulates the formation of the three new bodies.

Mubarak-era figure Makram Mohamed Ahmed, who previously headed the press syndicate until the old regime was ousted in 2011, has been appointed as head of the newly-formed Higher Council for Media Regulation. Hussein Zein, who headed specialised state-run TV channels, has been appointed on top of the National Media Organisation. The National Press Organisation will be headed by Karam Gabr.

A media-regulating law was approved by the parliament and signed by Al-Sisi in December 2016, sparking an uproar in media circles because it was passed and adopted before the issuance of a media law.

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