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Israeli Jew plans to contest Congo presidential race

Image of Pinchas Eliyahu Sadai [masralarabia]

Israeli Jewish citizen Pinchas Eliyahu Sadai has been planning to compete for the Congolese presidential race if elections ever took place in the African country, Egyptian website Masr Alarabia reported on Wednesday.

Sadai was born in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and immigrated to France to live in Paris. While in Paris, he converted to Judaism and subsequently immigrated to Israel.

He later married an Israeli Jewish woman and has been living in occupied Jerusalem's Old City with his family. "In Jerusalem, we have the Wailing Wall. What more is needed?"

Sadai spends his time in Jerusalem, studying the Jewish holy text the Torah at a Jewish seminary. He also has political interests and is planning to run on the list of one of the Israeli political parties, which he did not name, if snap elections were decided.

Meanwhile, he is waiting for the announcement of the date of the presidential elections in Congo, as he has been planning to compete for the presidency of his native country for over 17 years.

Commenting on the situation of his native country, Sadai said:

The situation is dangerous and could lead to economic and social crises. People there do not have anything to eat. There is no education, healthcare system or anything.

He said that he had been mobilising popular support among European and African politicians and has been raising funds to spend on an electoral campaign for years.

Sadai pointed out that he is eyeing Israel's support for him to become president of the African country. "Israel has massive influence in Congo," he said. "If it decided to help our people, it would be able to carry out many good things for us."

The potential Congolese president is working from outside the country due to fears that he would be arrested if he landed there. "Therefore, I have to be clever, know where to start and what to do."

Regarding his Jewish identity, he said that the Congolese look at the Jews as people who are blessed by God, noting this is what pupils learn about Jews at schools.

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