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Free visas for travel between Sudan and Egypt for six months

Egyptian visa [Georgia Popplewell/Flickr]
Egyptian visa [Georgia Popplewell/Flickr]

The Emergency Consulate Committee established by Sudan and Egypt has agreed on free visas for travel between the two countries for six months, reported on Friday. Diplomats and VIPs will continue to enjoy the privilege of not requiring a visa.

The committee said that the six-month visa could be renewed once for a further six months. It pointed out that women, men over 50 and children below 16 do not need visas when they travel between Sudan and Egypt. It also said that the holders of valid passports from the Gulf States, US, Canada, Australia and Europe do not need visas in any case.

In addition, the committee agreed to discuss the issue of handing over the property of the Sudanese nationals released from Egyptian jails by the presidential amnesty in 2015. The movement of commercial vehicles from Egypt to Sudan will also be facilitated, it advised.

Both sets of representatives on the committee reiterated the importance of renewing visas on time and agreed to discuss the issue of cancelling retroactive fees for violators.