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Hamas denies Qatar asked its leaders to leave

June 5, 2017 at 9:16 am

Hamas yesterday denied that Qatar had asked its senior leaders to leave Doha, stressing reports about this issue were fake, Quds Press reported.

Speaking to Quds Press, Hamas Spokesman Husam Badran said that such news reports “aim at affecting the external Hamas relations”.

About the recent relocation of some of Hamas leaders, who were in Qatar, he said: “These arrangements are always taken based on the work interest. Hamas has recently completed its internal elections and there were some necessary relocations.”

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Meanwhile, Hamas hailed the “continuous positive role” played by Qatar to support the Palestinian people and their “just” cause, specially its support to reconstruct the Gaza Strip.

On Saturday, mass media reported that Doha had given a list of names of Hamas leaders who must leave the country, claiming these leaders maintain relations with Hamas military resistance against the Israeli occupation in the occupied West Bank.