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Sudan expects US sanctions to be lifted this month

June 12, 2017 at 5:31 pm

A press conference in Sudan after the US decided to lift sanctions on Sudan [Ebrahim Hamid/Anadolu]

An official from the Sudanese government says ongoing meetings with Washington on the lifting of sanctions are progressing as well as could be expected, the Sudan Media Centre reported today.

Speaking at a press conference the official spokesman for the Sudanese government, Ahmed Bilal Osman, said: “The meetings between Khartoum and Washington continue, but I can say that Sudan has fully completed all its obligations under the agreed five-point plan put forward by the United States.”

Bilal said that he expected that the sanction against Sudan would be lifted this month and that Sudan will be able to enjoy the benefits of being part of the international community when the embargo is permanently removed.

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The five point plan agreed between Khartoum and Washington, which should have been concluded last December, includes: “Sudan’s cooperation with Washington in the fight against terrorism and in particular Uganda’s Lord’s Army; contributing to peace in South Sudan as well as supporting the humanitarian situation; in addition to delivering aid to those affected by armed conflict in Sudan.”

The decision to lift economic sanctions against Sudan was taken by the former US President Barack Obama in January, subject to the fulfilment of the five-point plan and a six month review, due to be completed this month.