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Iraqi students attack teachers with knives, grenades

July 3, 2017 at 2:46 pm

Iraqi police stand near the Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq on 8 February 2017 [Murtadha Sudani/Anadolu Agency]

Iraqi police have recorded 32 attacks against school teachers during the recent exam period, with one leading to the death of a teacher.

Teachers have been stabbed, beaten, kicked, and had grenades fired at their homes.

The majority occurred in the south of the country and in the capital, Baghdad, at the hands of middle school students.

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One student attacked a teacher with stones as he left school causing his death.

Colonel Ahmed Fawzi, of the community police department of the Interior Ministry in Baghdad, said: “We have 18 students in prison, all under the age of 18, because of assaults on teachers, while others were released after the teacher forgave them and relinquished their rights.”

The reasons behind the attack are thought to be students failing exams or being caught cheating.