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Yemen: Houthis assault Saudi-backed bases

The Houthi armed group has destroyed Saudi-backed military bases in northern Yemen, reported Al Masdar.

The military bases in Jabal Al-Hawl and Jabal Al-Qarn were attacked and several fighters were killed. Forces loyal to President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi were also killed in the assault.

Houthi fighters may now seek to strike Saudi-backed forces in the Nihm district, near the Marib province, which is located near Jabal Al-Hawl.

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The Saudi-led coalition entered the Yemen civil war in 2015, following a request by Hadi to push back military advancements by the Houthi armed group. Riyadh leads a coalition of Arab countries which have been using airstrikes to stop the advance of the Houthis. The coalition has been criticised for striking civilian sites and caused a large number of casualties.

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