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'Daesh looted $835m from Iraqi banks'

Iraqi Central Bank [Wikipedia]
Iraqi Central Bank, 9 August 2017 [Wikipedia]

The Iraqi Central Bank revealed on Tuesday that Daesh has looted around $835 million from the government and private sector banking systems, Anadolu has reported. More than 120 branches of state and private banks have been seized by the extremist group in the Nineveh, Saladin, Diyala and Anbar provinces since 15 June 2014.

In addition to the looted money, said the Central Bank, Daesh has been making up to $2million per day through its illegal sale of oil. According to Anadolu, this is the first time that Iraq has revealed the amount of money seized and collected by Daesh.

In 2014, Daesh occupied many cities and areas in western and northern Iraq, including the second largest city of Mosul. Only last month, though, the Iraqi government announced that Mosul had been retaken after a long battle backed by the US and Kurdish militants.

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