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Kuwait arrests 12 fugitives in terror case

Kuwaiti police [file photo]
Kuwaiti police [file photo]

Kuwaiti security forces on Saturday arrested 12 fugitives convicted of terrorism, according to the interior ministry.

The ministry said in a statement that two more fugitives were being hunted down.

The case dates back to August of 2015 when Kuwaiti security forces raided a farm in Al Abdali near Iraqi border, arresting a number of people in possession of weapons.

Prosecutors had accused the suspects of plotting to carry out hostile acts in Kuwait.

Kuwaiti authorities say that the cell belonged to an Iranian militant group which wanted to destabilise the oil-rich Gulf country. Iran denies the charges.

Last month, Kuwait asked Iran to reduce the number of Iranian diplomats in its embassy and closed down the Iranian cultural mission in the country.

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