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Sudanese-Palestinian group calls for minister to resign over Israel comments

The Sudanese Palestinian Brotherhood Society has condemned the comments made by Investment Minister Mubarak Fadel, in which he called for normalising relations between Sudan and Israel. Fadel made his comments during a television interview on S24 Channel's Hal El Balad ("The Situation in the Country") programme. The Minister pointed out that he "supports the establishment of relations between Sudan and Israel and bilateral normalisation."

The society stressed its complete rejection of such an approach. "This violates all balances of justice and humanitarian norms," it insisted, "and glorifies the oppressor and occupier, while condemning the oppressed Palestinian people in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem to closed border crossings, the Separation Wall and systematic displacement from their homeland."

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In a media statement, the Sudanese-Palestinian group expressed its sadness that someone of Fadel's age and experience would adopt the Zionist narrative regarding Palestine and its heroic resistance.

The organisation also called for the minister's immediate resignation or dismissal by the President and Prime Minister on the grounds that his position conflicts with the hearts and convictions of the majority of the Sudanese people. "He also goes against the recommendations made by the National Dialogue Conference, which voted against normalisation by over 90 per cent."

The Sudanese parliament should introduce legislation that criminalises calls for normalisation with Israel, added the society. "This would be in line with the consensus of the people of Sudan and secure the country from possible Israeli infiltration."

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