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Censorship of photographic exhibition exposing Israeli brutality angers Scots

Whenever they are confronted with irrefutable evidence of Israeli brutality it seems that the only options for supporters of the Zionist State are censorship, abuse and intimidation

When Israeli soldier-medic Elor Azaria shot dead a badly injured Palestinian youth in a street in Hebron last year he had no idea that his war crime had been captured on camera. Once the shocking images were released they resulted in a trial and prison sentence which attracted international attention because of the cold-blooded nature of this very public execution.

It proved to be a hugely embarrassing moment for Israel and its supporters who, until then, had always vigorously denied accusations that Zionist occupation forces carried out street executions of injured Palestinians. Such denials were hard to maintain in the light of video evidence, and now last year’s controversy has been revived by Zionists who’ve tried to get a photographic exhibition depicting Abdul Fatah Al-Sharif’s execution closed down.

Whenever they are confronted with irrefutable evidence of Israeli brutality it seems that the only options for supporters of the Zionist State are censorship, abuse and intimidation. The pro-Israel lobby appears to have gone to astonishing lengths to get the exhibition outside an Edinburgh church banned. A barrage of intimidation, including abusive phone calls, vandalism and angry confrontations, has been endured by church staff since the photographs and explanatory captions went on display.

Now Police Scotland has opened itself to accusations of being used as a Zionist stooge after officers tried to shut down the hard-hitting photographic exhibition at the world famous Edinburgh Fringe festival. It seems that photographic evidence of Azaria’s street execution of the young Palestinian is still too much to stomach for supporters of the Tel Aviv regime.

Settlers look on as Israeli forces evacuate the body of Abdel Fattah Al-Sharif, killed by Israeli army medic Elor Azaria in Hebron , Israel on March 24 2016 [file photo]

Settlers look on as Israeli forces evacuate the body of Abdel Fattah Al-Sharif, killed by Israeli army medic Elor Azaria in Hebron , Israel on March 24 2016 [file photo]

“This morning… Palestinians Ramzi Al-Qasrawi and ‘Abd al-Fatah Al-Sharif were shot after stabbing a soldier in Tel Rumeida, Hebron. The soldier sustained medium-level injuries. While Al-Qasrawi died on the spot, Al-Sharif was injured and fell to the ground. In video footage captured by Hebron resident ‘Imad Abu Shamsiyeh, (Al-Sharif) is seen lying on the road injured, with none of the soldiers or medics present giving him first aid or paying him any attention at all. At a certain point, a soldier is seen aiming his weapon at Al-Sharif and shoots him in the head from close range, killing him. Although this occurs in the plain view of other soldiers and officers, they do not seem to take any notice.”

(Source- 24 Mar 2016 B’TSelem)

“The Legacy of Balfour” is a documentary exhibition created by the Network of Photographers for Palestine (NPP) on show outside St. John’s Church in the Scottish capital’s Princes Street to highlight international human rights abuses. Since it opened, it has been targeted by vandals suspected to be from pro-Israeli lobby groups. This weekend, after a complaint to local police officers, an attempt was made to close it for good.

Police in Edinburgh were called after a member of the public entered the church and became verbally abusive towards the staff inside. A female complainant, whose identity is being withheld by the police, demanded that the exhibition be shut down. The police officers agreed until church staff intervened and a compromise was reached. Ironically, all of the pictures in the exhibition depicting Israeli atrocities towards the Palestinians were removed, whereas equally graphic images of British atrocities remained on view.

The aim of the exhibition is to depict the impact of the Balfour Declaration on the lives of millions of Palestinians. In 1917, the then British Foreign Secretary, Arthur J. Balfour – whose stately home is in Whittingehame, just 25 miles or so from Edinburgh – promised a “national home” for Jewish people at the expense of the Palestinians who were living and working on the land which they rightly regarded, and still do to this day, as home. The subsequent brutalities carried out by Zionist Jewish terror gangs followed by the Israel Defence Forces on the Palestinian population were caught on camera over the following hundred years; some are part of the exhibition which examines the continuity between Britain’s rule in Palestine during the Mandate Period (1921-48) and current Israeli policies in the occupied Gaza Strip and West Bank.

Viewers at the exhibition which was organised by the Network of Photographers for Palestine (NPP)

Viewers at the exhibition which was organised by the Network of Photographers for Palestine (NPP)

While no one was available from Police Scotland on Sunday to comment on the action of local officers in Edinburgh, MEMO understands that official complaints by members of the public and the Network of Photographers for Palestine have been lodged. NPP members say that they are outraged by the attempt to shut down their exhibition.

The curator of the exhibition and secretary of the NPP is Phil Chetwynd. “Bizarrely, the woman who was complaining objected solely to the pictures and not the written explanation beneath the images which were probably more damning of the Zionist regime,” he explained. “It seems that Zionist supporters find it easier to dismiss words as ‘lies’ but when confronted by images of the work that the [Israeli] regime carries out it’s not so easy to dismiss.”

He pointed out that the exhibition has been targeted by vandals since it opened. “We have simply replaced the damaged images but this woman – and we have no idea who she is – called the local police who tried to shut it down. Our enquiries indicate that the complaint was made against just one picture depicting the murder of a Palestinian man by an Israeli soldier, and yet all the pictures of Israeli actions against Palestinians had to be taken down.”

This happened, said Chetwynd, despite protests from members of the general public present at the time. “They insisted that the story contained in the exhibition should definitely be told in full.”

What puzzled NPP members was that the same police officers decided that the pictures of British atrocities in Palestine should not be censored and should be allowed to remain on view.

It is understood that the NPP and members of the public are now lodging complaints to the Scottish Police Investigations and Review Commissioner about the action taken by the capital’s police force. Officers, they believe, have been “manipulated into colluding with this clear infringement of freedom of expression in Scotland.”

The censored pictures have been replaced by the NPP which has published the full version of the exhibition on social media, so that it can be seen in its entirety should any further vandalism take place.

Far from being intimidated by the hostile reaction, NPP members say they are now open to offers from around Scotland and beyond from anyone who wants to display “The Legacy of Balfour” exhibition at their church, community centre, library, workplace or gallery. The full exhibition can be seen on the group’s Facebook page which is also the best point of contact for Phil Chetwynd.

The NPP has a second Fringe exhibition this year on Palestinian refugees and it is entitled “Displaced”. It will go on show in Inverness next weekend and on to Lochinver before it heads to Ramallah and Gaza City in October.

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  • Fasdunkle

    Does this “exhibition” show Jews being stabbed by arabs? Does it explain that muslim arabs are raised in a death cult which promises heaven for them and their families if they murder Jews? Does it show the families receiving large pensions because one of them murdered or tried to murder Jews?

    • Vinegar Hill

      No and that is not the purpose of the exibition. It is about Israeli ethnic cleansing, Israeli slaughter of indigenous Palestinians, the birth of Israeli based upon lies and blood of innocent Palestinians. It is about the savage immoral actions of one of the world’s most immoral militaries, the IDF. It is about the country called Israel which has become the cesspool in the Middle East.

      • Fasdunkle

        Yes, I am sure your type will be flocking to it

        • the Scot named sandy

          An awful lot of people flocked to see the exibition in the majestic church of St John. There actually is a plaque for a man who went down with Custer inside the church.

          • Fasdunkle

            I didn’t doubt it, there are plenty of people who buy into the supremacist propaganda of the anti-Israel mob.

          • Wes Wemyss

            “Supremacist”, now there’s a fashionable word! How would you describe the Israeli government’s policy of prioritising anything it sees as Israeli above all else? Like destroying heritage sites in order to lay claim to a false history for a country that never existed before 1947. Or redirecting water courses to desertify Palestinian communities. Or holding ambulances transporting patients requiring urgent treatment at checkpoints for hours on end.

          • Fasdunkle

            Which heritage sites have been destroyed?

          • dfcvda .

            he`s a brainwashed Zionist, ignore the Troll.

          • Helen4Yemen

            Herzl Complete diaries page 1530
            1903-08-11 Herzl meets Russian Minister of Finance Witte
            Witte: “I believe it is the fault of our government. The Jews are too
            oppressed. I used to say to the late Emperor Alexander III: ‘Your
            Majesty, if it is possible to drown the 6 or 7 million Jews in the
            Black Sea, I have absolutely no objection to it. But if it isn’t
            possible, we must let them live.’ That has continued to be my view.
            I am against further oppression.”

            The European Jews were sent to Palestine as they were
            so hated in Europe – the entire of Europe.

            Yes or no?

        • Wes Wemyss

          “your type”. What particular stereotype would that be? A bloke with ringlets and a hook nose counting out pennies? Please explain.

    • Wes Wemyss

      No, but I expect it shows the reasons WHY jews are being stabbed by arabs.

      • Fasdunkle

        Because they are taught that murdering Jews buys them a place in their death cult’s heaven

        • Sargam King

          Death Cult … Yep we saw the video!!!

        • Helen4Yemen

          a) But who forced “the Jew” – the Ashkenazi to come stampeding from his grandma and grandpa lands of Lithuania, Hungary,Germany?

          b) Palestine was used as the dumping ground for the Jews Europeans hated. Yes or no?

    • dfcvda .

      You`re pretty dim

    • Helen4Yemen

      1) 95% of world Jewry is Ashkenazi totally f European origin. Why is the Ashkenazi hiding his European identity behind the word “Jew”?

      b) There were no Jews in Palestine for over 1,000 years until the 1830’s and 1840’s when indigent Jews were sent from Eastern Europe to live off welfare called “haluka” as a way to start planting the seeds of Jewish presence on the land before the Zionist stampede were to begin.

      c) Understand that the Jews in Palestine are colonial settlers like the French in Algeria.

      d) Palestine is not your grandma or grandpa’s land, is it?

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      Why are these invader European Jews brutally occupying Palestine after doing floods of terror and atrocities like these?

      Over 750,000 people (~80%) driven off their ancestral lands

      Over 500 Arab villages and towns BULLDOZED and buried under pine forests

      • Fasdunkle

        Lots of Israeli Jews are people driven from their ancestral lands by Arabs

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Why is the best you can do is the inversion of truth? Do you like looking silly? I bet you don’t know that the European Zionist thugs invaded the Palestinians.

  • Vinegar Hill

    Israel has become the epitome of evil in this world.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Ben Gurion: Force is the language Arabs understand!

    “A partial Jewish state is not the end, but only the beginning… I am certain
    that we will not be prevented from settling in the other parts of the country,
    either by mutual agreement with our Arab neighbors or by some other
    means… [If the Arabs refuse] we shall have to speak to them in a different
    language. But we shall only have another language if we have a state.”

    Chomsky, “Fateful Triangle” Page 291

  • Helen4Yemen

    Yosef Weitz … “‘It must be clear that there is no room in the
    country for both peoples’If the Arabs leave it, the country will
    become wide and spacious for us . . The only solution [after
    World War II ends] is a Land of Israel, at least a western Land of
    Israel [i.e., Palestine], without Arabs. There is no room here for
    compromises . . . There is no way but to transfer the Arabs from
    here to the neighbouring countries, to transfer all of them, save
    perhaps for [the mainly Christian Arabs of] Bethlehem, Nazareth
    and old Jerusalem. Not one village must be left, not one [beduin]
    tribe. The transfer must be directed at Iraq, Syria and even
    Transjordan. For this goal funds will be found . . . And only after
    this transfer will the country be able to absorb millions of our
    brothers and the Jewish problem [in Europe] will cease to exist.
    There is no other solution.”

    _____________________Benny Morris – The birth of the Palestinian refugee problem revisited – 2004

  • The sooner Israel goes away the better for all mankind!

    • Helen4Yemen

      Yes, so true!

  • Israel is not well-liked among Europeans, I am afraid…

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