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Sudanese presidential advisor: We will not attend Africa conference with Israel

September 6, 2017 at 3:26 am

President of Egypt Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi (R) and President of Sudan Omar Al-Bashir (L)

Sudanese Vice President Ibrahim Al-Senoussi confirmed that his country would not be part of the African-Israeli conference which is scheduled to be held in late October in Togo.

In private statements to Quds Press today, Al-Senoussi said:

There is no way that Sudan would participate in a conference which Israel would be part of and there is absolutely no way that Sudan would normalise its relationship with the Israeli occupation.

Al-Senoussi, who is a former secretary-general of the Popular Congress Party a partner in the government, stressed that “Supporting Palestine is a central issue for both the Sudanese Government of National Unity and all Sudanese people.”

Al-Senoussi added that, for decades, Sudan has resisted Israel’s progress in Africa.

Sudan resisted and still resits the Israeli expansion in Africa. Unfortunately, the absence of Arabs from Africa since the 1967 war paved the way for Israel to infiltrate into Africa.

“In addition, some of the Arab countries have normalised their relations with the Israeli occupation, which pushed a number of African countries to stand by its side.”

He stressed that “the recent statements of the Sudanese Minister of Investment, Mubarak al-Fadhel al-Mahdi, that he sees no problem in normalising the relations with Israel, and that this matter may serve Sudan’s interests, is a distorted position that does not reflect neither the position of the Sudanese government nor the Sudanese people.”

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He added: “One of the recommendations of the national dialogue on which the current National Reconciliation Government was formed, is that there should be no peace, no compromise and no negotiation with Israel. Therefore, everyone in the National Reconciliation Government is bound by this recommendation; otherwise he will have to resign.

We do not hide our special relations with Palestine and with Hamas. The whole world agrees that Israel is an occupation state. Therefore, Hamas has the right to resist it.