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Iraq vice presidents call on Kurds to cancel referendum

Iraqi Vice President Osama Al-Nujaifi [Awsat]
Iraqi Vice President Osama Al-Nujaifi [Awsat]

Iraq’s Vice Presidents, Osama Al-Nujaifi and Iyad Allawi, yesterday called on Kurdish President Massoud Barzani to cancel the referendum scheduled for 25 September to “spare the country new conflicts”.

Al-Nujaifi said in a statement that “the referendum constitutes a clear violation of the constitution”, adding that the inclusion of Kirkuk and the rest of the disputed areas to the referendum is unconstitutional and illegal and constitutes a clear attack on the rights of Arabs and Turkmen in the area.


He called on the Arabs and Turkmen in the disputed areas not to participate in it, adding that he rejects any outcome of the referendum.

Dialogue and discussing problems and obstacles in a transparent manner are the only ways to achieve unity in Iraq and spare the country any new conflicts.

Earlier in the day, the Iraqi Parliament voted in favour of rejecting the outcome of the referendum and mandated Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to take all measures that preserve the country’s unity.

The referendum is non-binding.

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  • prof

    One cannot blame Kurds for deciding after 2 years to leave Iraq; Iraq has already stopped paying the Kurds their share of budget for more than 2 years and the Kurds are frankly a bit late to make up their mind to leave.The other Iraqis do not understand the depth of the crisis they are in. Half of the country is ravaged by war and ISIS is still in control of towns in west of Iraq and all signs point to the decline of demand for oil in the next decade and because of the widespread use of electric cars the price of a barrel of oil is expected to fall below 25$. So where Iraq will find money to pay its escalating war debts and to reconstruct its destroyed second biggest city Mosull, when it cannot function with a barrel of oil around $50 now? The country is going bankrupt and the politicians in Baghdad are trying hard to pick another fight in the region instead of learning to live in peace in the region.

  • Lasse Riise

    For a century, the only continious hallmark of Iraq is utter cruelty. It’s an artificially created colony, only hold together by force. Throughout history, Iraq has stood for barbaric use of violence. The tormented peoples of this region desperately needs to rid themselves of this plague, before it eradicates them. And the powers of the World needs to understand that this profoundly evil construction needs to be abolished. Iraq is an epic failure. It belongs in the dusbin of history.