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US led coalition strikes Syrian regime convoy

Buildings and roads in ruin after air strikes were carried out in Syria on 25 September 2017 [Hadi Kharat/Anadolu Agency]

US-led coalition forces in Syria have shelled a convoy of regime forces and allied foreign militias in the south of the country, Anadolu has reported.

Sources in the Syrian opposition told the news agency that a coalition aircraft fired warning shots when a regime convoy attempted to advance from the west of Al-Tanf, which is controlled by the Free Syrian Army. When the convoy ignored the warning, it was targeted directly. A number of Syrian soldiers and other fighters travelling in the convoy were killed or wounded.

Members of the coalition forces and the Free Syrian army are stationed in Al-Tanf base within the border triangle between Iraq, Syria and Jordan.

According to a spokesman for one of the Free Syrian Army factions in the Syrian desert, Saeid Saif, regime forces benefited from the retreat of the opposition in the region of Homs and Suweida, and are trying to advance towards Al-Tanf. He warned of a large-scale massacre if the regime is able to advance towards Al-Raqban Camp, which is home to tens of thousands of displaced people on the Syrian-Jordanian border and adjacent to the area of Al-Tanf.

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