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Syria attacks Israel plane in its airspace

Syrian military launching a missile [Stringer/Anadolu Agency]
Syrian military launching a missile [Stringer/Anadolu Agency]

The Syrian army said it had confronted an Israeli airplane after it had violated Syrian airspace near the Lebanese border.

“At 08:51am, the Israeli enemy violated our airspace near the Lebanese border in the Baalbek area, and our air defences confronted it and directly hit one of its airplanes and forced it to flee,” a statement issued by the Syrian army said yesterday.

According to the statement, at 11:38am Israel launched several rockets which fell in a Syrian military site in the countryside of Damascus causing material damages.

The army’s General Command warned against the “serious repercussions of Israel’s repeated aggressive attempts” and stressed its determination to continue its war against terrorist groups, which it had described as “Israel’s arm in the region”.

The Israeli army also announced the destruction of a Syrian battery east of Damascus in retaliation for the attack on its planes.

An Israeli army spokesman said Syrian surface-to-air missile batteries launched a missile towards Israeli fighter jets while they flew over Lebanon at 10am. No damage was caused to them, the spokesman added. In retaliation, the Israeli airplanes fired four missiles at the base.

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