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Death toll from Israel strike on Gaza tunnel rises to 12

Procession and funeral for the seven Palestinians killed in an Israeli attack on a tunnel in the Gaza Strip on 30 October 2017 [Mohammed Asad/Middle East Monitor]

Five more Palestinians have died as a result of Israel’s strike on a tunnel in the eastern borders of Khan Yunis, in the south of the Gaza Strip, bringing the death toll to 12.

On Monday, the Israeli army said that the Southern Command carried out the attack on the tunnel which started from Khan Yunis and extended to the military base in Kissufim, Israel, noting that the tunnel was under construction.

Hamas accused Israel of trying to undermine a reconciliation agreement it reached with Fatah head and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas last month.

Israel and the United States have called for Hamas to be disarmed as part of the unity agreement between Hamas and the PA, so Israeli peace efforts with Abbas, which collapsed in 2014, could proceed. Hamas has rejected the demand.

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  • charliematerne

    Interesting that Israel destroying a tunnel inside Israel is “undermine a reconciliation agreement” but building the tunnel specifically designed for committing War Crimes is going to help “reconciliation”

  • robert e litman

    Israel destroyed a tunnel clearly aimed at wreaking havoc for Israeli civilians in Israel, notably innocent people living in Kibbutz Kissufim. Israel will defend itself and Jews everywhere. It is a shame that Hamas and its militant leaders and soldiers must learn the hard way by dying. Middle East Monitor should not distort this story and make it sound like Israel is the aggressor. Hamas, by building these tunnels,IS the aggressor. In order to have a reconciliation agreement, Hamas has to be conciliatory, and not continue to build tunnels into Israel. It is my fondest wish that Israel continue to destroy all of the tunnels in Gaza. Instead of building them, Hamas should MAKE PEACE and give up its aggression. Instead of building tunnels, build your country and society.