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Israeli minister: many of us are ideologically against two states

Israeli minister Ofir Akunis declared yesterday that he "can't live" with any peace proposal based on a two-state solution, claiming that many of his government colleagues are on the same page.

Akunis, who holds the Science, Technology and Space portfolio in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government, made the remarks ahead of a trip to the US next week.

Addressing the possibility of an American peace initiative in the coming months, Akunis warned that many within the Israeli government are opposed to Palestinian statehood.

"With all of my appreciation for the Trump administration, which I don't hide. I can't live with a document that talks about two states, and I will vote against it. I have a clear ideological stance," adding: "Many ministers agree."

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Akunis said that he is "happy the Trump administration hasn't said [they want two states]" since the current president entered the White House in January.

"We want peace and are ready to negotiate, but not based on two states. I cannot accept a paper like that from the Americans."

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