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Israel attacks Palestinian school children with gas and sound bombs

Smoke is seen from teargas bombs used by Israeli security forces 23 July 2017 [Issam Rimawi/Anadolu Agency]

Israeli occupation forces stormed the village of Deir Nidham, northwest of Ramallah, this morning and closed its main entrances.

Ahmed Al-Tamimi, head of Deir Nidham’s village council, told the news agency that the occupation forces stormed the area in the morning and closed its main entrances, imposing a siege on it.

He pointed out also that “there have been large numbers of occupation forces in the village since the morning, who claimed that school students are throwing stones at settlers along the main road.”

Al-Tamimi explained that in the meantime the occupation forces besieged the school in order to threaten students and intimidate them with detention if they throw stones.

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The head of Deir Nidham’s village council confirmed that two weeks ago, the Israeli occupation forces continued to storm the village on a daily basis under the pretext that the children were throwing stones at settlers.

He also stated that “Occupation forces have been terrifying our children and students over the past two weeks, three days ago they threw gas and sound bombs in to the school, scores of children and teachers suffered from suffocation as a result and this endangered the lives of our children.”

Al-Tamimi added that “while the settlers of Halamish settlement are harassing citizens by closing the main road of the village and throwing stones at our vehicles under the protection of the occupation forces, the occupation claims that the villagers are throwing stones at the heavily armed settlers.”

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  • Rick D

    of course, the Palestinian MO. Attack, attack, attack. Then play the victim when Israel retaliates. Oh, and I forgot… use your own schoolchildren. It gets good cred

    • Helen4Yemen

      Do you not understand that the Ashkenazi in Palestine = British in Kenya = French in Algeria? He is a European colonial settler.

      • Rick D

        Yeah but it’s 70 years. No Palestinians can even remember Israel as his home if he left on 1948. You want the jews to forget the most horrible crime in history. Yet the Palestinians, who left Israel, sold property to jews in Israel, and, in some cases, were thrown out of Israel, roughly the same time that roughly the same quantity of jews were forcibly thrown out of Aran countries… You don’t want the Palestinians to forget. In any case, you don’t think it would have been better for the Palestinians long ago to simple agree to the West Bank and Gaza and use all that money plus more that will come in for development instead of building bombs, weapons, and making your corrupt leaders Rich?

        • Helen4Yemen

          Bernie Sanders = 97% Ashkenazi, 99% European

          Larry David = 97% Ashkenazi = 99% Europeans.

          What are Europeans doing on Arab land?

          The French were in Algeria for 130 years and the British in Yemen for 160 years. Why did this white man when other white Europeans gave up the idea of colonizing Arab lands?

          • Rick D

            Was it not you who said that the Holocaust, the greatest crime in history, was a long time ago? Now you’re bringing up ancient history to back your ridiculous claims. What about Palestinians that ran away when the Aran countries said they would destroy Israel? They were not removed. What about those who sold land to jews? They were not removed. Many European jews lawfully acquired lab land in Israel. But you know that. If you don’t, then learn

          • Helen4Yemen

            Is the Ashkenazi = 100%? EUROPEAN? Yes or no?

          • Rick D

            Sorry. I’m going in the car so will not answer now. I really did not understand your question. are they 100% what and what does it matter?

          • Helen4Yemen

            Mileikowsky (“Natanyahu”) 2016 at the UN

            “Why not a Palestinian class action suit against Abraham for buying that plot of land in Hebron where the fathers and mothers of the Jewish people were buried 4,000 years ago?”
            Does Natanyahu (Ashkenazi) have even a tin droplet of Abraham’s blood?

          • Helen4Yemen

            Name………………………. European……. Middle Eastern
            1) Alex Feinberg…………… 99.8% …………… 0%
            2) Dershowitz DNA………. 99.9% …………….0%
            3) Rabbi Hammerman…,,, 99.9% …………… 0%
            4) Tony Kushner…………… 99.9% …………….0%
            5) Joseph Cohen………….. 99.8% …………… 0%
            6) Bill Maher…………………..99.9% ……………..0%
            7) Neil Gaiman……………… 99.9% …………… .0%
            8) Jill Sobule………….. …….99.9% ……………..0%
            9) Alisa R Doctoroff…….. ..98.0% …………….. 0%

            Home is where his 99% of his DNA is from. What is the white man doing in a region where he has no connection to?

          • Rick D

            Unbelievable ignorance. Have you seen the influx of foreigners in the US? Most common baby name in England is Mohammed. Your ignorance makes you a total racist

          • Helen4Yemen

            Muhammad in England is there for the same reason a Goldberg from Eastern Europe is – both immigrants. The Ashkenazi in Palestine at 0% Middle Eastern ancestry faked his way to the land as “Israelite”?


          • Rick D

            So Mohammed is not okay in England, you are saying? And my God. All the immigrants to the Western world and you cannot stand one small country in the middle East? Look at the map. Why does their existence away from the pogroms bother you so much?

          • Helen4Yemen

            You failed to tell me why the white man erected his state on stolen Arab land and not on his grandma’s land of Lithuania?

          • Helen4Yemen

            Muhammad in England is there for the same reason a Golberg from Eastern Europe both immigrants. The Ashkenazi in Palestine at 0% Middle Easgtern ancestry faked his way to the land as “Israelite”?

          • Helen4Yemen

            So are you saying Europe’s unwanted Jewry came to Palestine because Muslims are immigrating to the West?

          • Helen4Yemen

            1) 1900-06-11 – The New York Times
            6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of zionism


            2) 1918-10-18 – The New York Times
            6,000,000 souls will need help to resume normal life


            3) 1919-09-08 – The New York Times
            6,000.000 souls in ukrainia and in poland have received notice through action and by word that they are going to be completely exterminated


            4) 1919-11-12 – The New York Times
            6,000,000 jewish souls facing poverty, starvation and disease


            5) 1936-05-31 – The New York Times
            save millions jews escape from the european holocaust


  • Seoigh

    Ricky D, the idf has been proven to use Palestinian children as human shields on many occasions. And as per usual
    IF any of the children were actually throwing stones the reaction is disproportionate, but you assume and presume the guilt of Palestinians based upon them not being Jewish and the innocence of the idf and their bully tactics based upon the fact they are, it’s hasbara101….. I hear it doesn’t pay we’ll though…..