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Israel to Jordan: Reopen embassy or you will run dry

People carry the dead body of Muhammad al-Jawawdah, who was killed by an Israeli bodyguard at Israeli Embassy's building on Sunday, in Amman, Jordan on 25 July, 2017 [Salah Malkawi/Anadolu Agency]
People carry the dead body of Muhammad al-Jawawdah, who was killed by an Israeli bodyguard outside the Israeli Embassy on Sunday, in Amman, Jordan on 25 July, 2017 [Salah Malkawi/Anadolu Agency]

Israel has reportedly told Jordan that it will bring a stop to a water project from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea if Amman doesn’t allow THE Israeli embassy to reopen, Israeli media sources have said.

Israel’s Channel 10 quoted sources as saying that Benjamin Netanyahu’s government had asked Jordan to reconsider its demand to investigate an Israeli officer who killed two Jordanian citizens at the Israeli embassy in Amman three months ago.

Israel has also frozen the signing of water projects and threatened to freeze the Wadi Araba canal linking the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, which could cause Jordan to experience “thirst” as its land would dry up, its projects halted.

The Dead Sea Canal project is a common interest between Amman, Ramallah and Tel Aviv. It includes the digging of a channel which connects the Dead Sea with the Red Sea. The canal is also intended to generate hydroelectric power, which may be used to operate desalination installations, thereby increasing the amount of potable water and the water available for agriculture.

Israel is seeking through this step, which was described by the Israeli media as an “economic threat” to pressure Jordan in order not to link the guard’s trial to the opening of the embassy, especially as it recently rejected a request by Jordan to issue tenders to start the project.

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The murder of two Jordanian citizens by an Israeli security guard at the Israeli embassy in the centre of Amman strained relations between the two sides.

The security officer at the centre of the attack was warmly greeted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he returned to Tel Aviv. His identity was not made public.

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  • Seoigh

    Nothing like bullying, lying, manipulation and scare tactics, typical hasbara.

    • Kaminoyona

      If the midget king want’s peace with Israel as he claims he should act like it instead of insulting Israel at every chance he gets.

      This is an ally?
      If it was not for the midget kings family stealing the land that was to be the “palestinian” state we would not have had this fight over Israeli land.

      • Seoigh

        Oh spare me the self righteous indignation and hypocrisy.
        Your delusion and lies are almost amusing if they were not taken out of the hasbara handbook of lies and delusion.
        Jordan existed before israel was ESTABLISHED, and UN 181 called for TWO states AFTER Jordan was established, not my fault if you cannot stomach facts that don’t suit your bias and bigotry. The only “land theft” is israel which has taken land by force before, during and after its establishment from Palestinian owners and continues to do WB, East Jerusalem and Gaza is NOT Israeli land, never was and never will be (neither is the Golan Heights or Sheeba Farms) get used to it BOY…..

      • Frank frivilous

        Yes, you have to agree with this logic. Jordon doesn’t need such allies. Perhaps Vladimir Putin could support the project and provide the means for Jordon to defend itself from it’s former “allies”.

  • ricck lineheart

    Israel wants peace , no they want piece , a piece of this land a piece of that land and will use ANY means necessary to get it !

  • Scotas Hawwa

    While Israel can definitely give orders to Jordan and the Kingdom must abide by them, the anti Israeli sentiment in the Arab world is growing and the ruling governments are giving in, conceding to the rights of the public. A shaky and artificial peace could filter down to nothing but token diplomacy until such a day. Who know?

  • Amel Baroudi

    Jordan should find new allies who do not kill it’s own citizens while trying to get away with murder by threats… Who needs such an ally? Disgusting! #BDS

  • Katan Wahab

    Israel is showing off Jordon as its “Bitch . Just like the others, Egypt,saudi,

  • DEADP00L

    Israel kills Jordanian’s left and right, had mossad agents on Jordanian soil and violates Jerusalem treaty on a daily basis; then expects Jordanians to what? Do its bidding? Who talks to another state like this and NOT get isolated?

    This is not how a legit state behaves, this is what a rogue state does. Time for Jordanians to find new allies that don’t treat it like it’s cattle that gets whipped for valuing its own people.