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Ex-Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson to Palestine: Announce London as the capital of America

Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson [file photo]

Jeremy Clarkson has advised Palestinians to announce that London is the capital of the United States in response to President Trump recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The TV presenter wrote the cheeky message on Twitter on Thursday, almost exactly 24 hours after Donald Trump’s controversial announcement.

Clarkson wrote: ‘Palestinians: why not announce that as far as you’re concerned, the capital of America is London.’

On Wednesday the 5th December, US President Donald Trump declared his intention to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He broke with decades of US foreign policy and international consensus by officially recognising Jerusalem – a city claimed by both Israel and Palestine – as the capital of the Jewish state. This has sparked outrage across the Middle East and the international community.

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Jeremy Clarkson is an English broadcaster, journalist and writer. He is best known for co-presenting the BBC TV show Top Gear.

Clarkson’s joke is clearly at the expense of President Trump’s move, with the implication being that a mere declaration does not change the facts on the ground – and that naming Jerusalem Israel’s capital is akin to naming London the USA’s.

It also tallies with a statement made by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, who said Trump’s recognition doesn’t automatically make Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Speaking yesterday, he added that:

…with one announcement by a country, Jerusalem cannot be the capital of Israel.

You can’t come out and say, “I’m a great power, I can do what I want”


While the international community has almost unanimously disagreed with Donald Trump’s announcement, reports suggest that the announcement was done with the pre-agreement of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, with the Saudi Arabia going as far as, allegedly, stating to the Palestinian President to accept a village on the outskirts of Jerusalem as the alternative Palestinian capital.

Since the announcement, Saudi Arabia’s royal court has sent notices to the nation’s media outlets to limit the airtime given to protests against Trump’s announcement.

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  • alphaamiruddin

    Benjamin Netanyahu: I therefore declare the capital city of KSA is Tel Aviv.
    MBS : Long live the king…long live the king…our king Benjamin Netanyahu.

    • ricck lineheart

      Apparently Donald Trump is King of the world and not lying conniving Bibsy ….

      • Matt Norris

        I am not sure how so many people can get so upset at a single declaration from a single head of state, which is subsequently denounced by what is said in the U.S. to be every other government in the world plus the Vatican (the latter of which is sort of its own government, I guess).

        Still, this may be a good history lesson for U.S. citizens. The 1973 crisis, and the discussion at high levels in the U.S. about the role of Jewish interest groups located in the U.S., is mostly declassified and readable on the internet (here in the U.S.)

        We are over 40 years onward and this problem remains, complete with a “U.S. vs Russia” narrative on top of ISIS, in which the two are supposed to have assisted in simultaneously routing ISIS in Iraq and Syria over 3 or 4 years…by accident? Literally the announcements of the defeat of ISIS in the two nations were within a week of one another.

        After reading the stuff that has been made available in a chronological presentation, regarding the 1973 crisis, I am wondering what sort of choreography went in to the ISIS announcements of the past week or so…

  • ricck lineheart

    The book of Genesis in the Holy Bible mentions Abram whom later became Abraham whose wife could not bare a child but used Hagar a hand maiden of course with his wifes permission and her name being Sarai and his first borne came through her . Later and way up in years Sarah , God changed her name , did give birth to another son . ALL peoples in the region are Semitic . Its the Orthodox Jews that are more than likely the few that remain can not and do not align themselves with the occupiers from the old Khazarian stock of which about 80% of world Jewry are rooted . Mostly kin from Gypsies and other malcontents that have no ancestral connection to the region of the occupied Palestine …

    • James Henry

      The connexion between jews and Jerusalem and Israel is based on religion, not ancestry. Ancestral connexions are as irrelevant to the matter as ancestral connexions of muslims are with Mecca and Medina.

      • disqus_k24qmqRcmo

        So religion trumps historical fact?

        • James Henry

          As far as devout jews and muslims are concerned, religion is historical fact.

          • disqus_k24qmqRcmo

            That’s a load of hogwash, according to Jewish scholars/academics, whose research I am more likely to digest and accept.

          • James Henry

            Which Jewish scholars/academics?
            All of them?

          • Kaminoyona

            Christians are the same in that way.

          • James Henry

            Some are. Others have rather … eccentric, shall we say? … opinions. For example, there are christians who regard the question of whether Jesus existed as trivial.

      • ricck lineheart

        And all the moans and groans from Jews crying about Israel being their ancestral homeland are irrelevant ?…Perhaps all Palestinians and others CLAIMING to be Palestinians should return ?

        • James Henry

          As far as I know, no Palestinian claims that god gave them Palestine in perpetuity and no-one practises peculiar rituals as a result of that grant.
          However, even if you persuaded every Israeli who wants to make Jerusalem their capital that they had no ancestral connexion to the place, it would be as irrelevant as the Malaysian army’s lack of ancestral connexions to it. They both believe god gave it to people with a particular religion and that’s what matters.

    • Kaminoyona

      I enjoy fairy tales as well.

      BTW 50% of Israeli Jews are of Middle Eastern ancestry dimwit.

      • Northern Landings

        What kind of drugs are you on id love to know just so I can twist history and ancestry upside down

        • kirby1

          You’ve just demonstrated your ur total ignorance, moron.

  • Matt Norris

    Man, I’m not sure about this one. It appears Paris has more appeal than London, due to their use of some of our ancestors as a proxy army against the UK which led to our “independence” (sort of). You cannot simply pretend that the UK did not lose that part of its empire, even if the melody for our national anthem comes from a UK drinking song…from within a UK gentleman’s club.

    Was it even the UK at that time? Whatever. The point is that France designed Washington D.C. to one extent or another, so I demand that this be a decision of the U.N. Security Council. 😀

  • Kaminoyona

    As Trump stated in his speech, nations are allowed to pick their own capital.
    the “palestinians” refused their state and Jerusalem when they started the war in 48,why should they have any claim?

  • kirby1

    Hey Jeremy,

    No can do it has already been claimed, there is a reason they call it Londanstan