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Egypt minster calls for opening Arab embassies in Palestine's Jerusalem

Demonstrations in Gaza against US President Donald Trump's announcement that the US will officially recognise Jerusalem as Israel's Capital City on 6 December 2017

Mohamed Al-Ghoul, deputy chairman of the Egyptian Parliament's Human Rights Committee, called on all Arab nationals, including his own, to issue laws to recognise the State of Palestine and to set up embassies in its capital, Jerusalem.

His calls came after US President Donald Trump announced that his administration will recognise Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel and move its embassy there in a move that Al-Ghoul said did not come as a surprise.

In a statement issued yesterday, Al-Ghoul added President Trump is responsible for the uproar and rage on the Arab streets, as well as any resulting harm or damage to American establishments in Arab and Muslim world.

"America has proven it is not neutral in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and has revealed its complete bias in favour of the Israelis. We must stop looking at the US as a neutral party to resolve the conflict. It would be more honourable for the US, if it has any honour left, to sit on the Israeli side of the table in any future negotiations."

Trump's move on Jerusalem: Is this the end of US diplomacy in the Middle East?

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