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Report: Algerian army foiled 25 attempts to smuggle weapons in 2017

Algerian military personnel [file photo]
Algerian military personnel [file photo]

The Algerian army foiled 25 attempts to smuggle ten types of military weapons into the country from Mali, Niger and Libya during the year 2017, army data revealed.

Turkey’s Anadolu News Agency reported that data released by the Algerian ministry of defence during the period from January-December 2017 revealed that the army had seized ten different types of weapons from terrorist groups operating in northern Mali.

According to the news agency, the Algerian defence ministry issued statements on the ministry’s website with details of the seized arms in the south and south-east of Algeria in the states of Tamanrasset, Adrar and Illizi, including their types and quantity.

According to the statements, the weapons included AK weapons, assault rifles, light pistols, mortars, Katyusha rockets and others.

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