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Israel ‘confiscates’ money from Palestinians in occupied West Bank and Jerusalem

January 3, 2018 at 11:07 am

Israel’s occupation forces have “confiscated” thousands of Israeli Shekels from Palestinians in several cities across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, reported on Tuesday. The money was taken on the pretext that it was intended for “funding terror activities”.

Local sources pointed out that the Israeli occupation forces have, over the past three months, also taken 14 large items of machinery, four lorries and 20 other vehicles, four cameras, eight PCs and four mobile phones owned by Palestinian citizens. They added that 14 instances have been recorded of Israeli troops taking NIS 213,000 ($61,700) as well as jewellery from Palestinian-owned homes and shops.

Lathes and other machines which are alleged to be used to make weapons have also been “confiscated”, as has Palestinian land. Furthermore, documents have been stolen by the security forces, it is alleged.

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Commenting on Israel’s violations, lawyer Alaa Badarneh told that the Israeli occupation imposes sanctions on the Palestinians as a punishment for their persistence in remaining on their own land. “All these measures are illegal as they violate article 53 of the Fourth Geneva Convention,” he pointed out. This cornerstone of international law lays stress on the protection of people’s property during wars and armed conflicts. He noted that Israel treats such international conventions with contempt, and believes that it can act with impunity.