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UAE-backed Egyptian forces arrive in Eritrea

Egyptian security forces patrol the border [file photo]
Egyptian security forces [file photo]

Following coordination with the United Arab Emirates, Egyptian forces arrived in Eritrea today, Al Sharq has reported. The forces are armed with modern technology and heavy armoured vehicles. Sources told Al Sharq that a meeting was convened between the UAE, Egypt and the Sudanese opposition representing groups in Darfur and eastern Sudan. There are no reported military confrontations.

The military presence in Eritrea may be a response to Sudan allowing Turkey to take over Suakin Island in Sudan temporarily last year, as part of a broader Turkish engagement policy in Africa. Suakin was once Sudan’s largest port and governed by the Ottoman Empire but has fallen into disuse since the creation of Port Sudan in the 20th century just 60 kilometres to the north.

Al Sharq reported that, according to diplomatic sources, Turkey is planning to build a military base on Suakin Island. It opened a military base in Somalia last year, deploying 200 troops to train local Somali forces. Relations between Abu Dhabi, Cairo and Khartoum have been strained as a result of Turkey’s presence in Sudan.

An Egyptian military source denied that there were plans to establish a base in Eritrea back in May last year. Media reports in Sudan claimed that Egypt communicated with Somalia and Djibouti to establish a base for 20,000 to 30,000 soldiers.

Sudan and Egypt are one

Throughout 2017, Egypt was trying to put together an African lobby in a bid to defend its position on Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam. Egyptian experts claim that the dam will harm Cairo’s access to 55.5 billion cubic metres of River Nile water. However, Ethiopia insists that the project will have a positive effect by assisting Egypt and Sudan with electricity generation.

The construction of the dam began in 2011. It is located 15 kilometres east of the Ethiopia-Sudan border and has been a major cause of political tension between Egypt and Ethiopia. The reservoir of the dam is expected to hold 70 billion cubic metres of water, which will help to solve Ethiopia’s own power shortages. Once in operation, the dam will be Africa’s largest hydro-electric power station.

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  • Merid Zeru

    Suakin is not an Island, it is an old seaport.

    • Farhan Haji Omar

      Ther is a Island called suakin ,rigth next to the seaport.

  • TruthWins

    Do they hope to invade Ethiopia through Eritrea? If Eritrea does so, that will be the end of a country with a name “Eritrea”. Ethiopia will never have a choice other than annexing its former province

    • Minymina

      Ethiopia will be carpet bombed before they even know what hit them.

      • Joseph Charles

        Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that though.

        the subsaharan nations historically aren’t known for fighting cleanly

    • Haymanot Jahray Andetsion

      Kkkkkk do u have power to annexing Eritrea?If ur stupit answer is yes what re u waiting for

      Lossers u can dream to annexing Eritrea like ur fathers but never its time to wake up from ur stupit dream

  • Brian Ghilliotti

    This is beginning to look like a world war one situation, where we have two large scale alliance systems, spanning a wide region, threatening to go to war with each other. If this escalates, it will shut down the Red Sea commerce routes. I wonder if Egypt is behind some of the recent increase of ethnic violence in Ethiopia. Brian Ghilliotti

  • Michael Wheeler

    yoyoyo b. dog