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Israel approves 1,100 settler homes in the West Bank

January 11, 2018 at 1:03 pm

Illegal settlements in the West Bank [Wisam Hashlamoun/Apaimages]

Israeli authorities approved the proposed construction of 1,122 new settler homes across the occupied West Bank yesterday, according to settlement watchdog Peace Now.

Within this 1,122 figure, 770 units were approved for immediate deposit, while 352 were approved for validation.

“Although the numbers of the units and the different process may be confusing, the bottom line is very clear: The government is attempting to destroy the possibility of a two-state solution and the prospects of peace by building more and more in the settlements,” Peace Now said in a statement.

Over half of the housing units approved are to be located beyond the Green Line, which means that they impinge on land that is set to be part of the future Palestinian state.

The UN has repeatedly condemned the building of Israeli settlements, which are illegal under international law, deeming them an obstacle to the peace process. Such calls have been ignored by Israel.

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