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Israel tries to block draft resolution denouncing Trump’s Jerusalem decision

Israeli Prime Minster, Benjamin Netanyahu gives a speech during a Knesset session [Prime Minister of Israel/Flickr]

The Israeli government has been working intensively to block a draft resolution by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe denouncing US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Israeli Walla news site has reported.

The site said yesterday that the council is expected to vote on the resolution today, noting that a delegation from the Israeli Knesset headed by MK Aliza Lavie of Yesh Atid party has been working to amend the draft resolution.

The draft resolution was submitted by the Palestinian National Council which is a democratic partner in the Council.

According to the site the draft resolutions condemns Israeli construction in the Palestinian occupied territories, including East Jerusalem, and calls on Israel to stop the policy of house demolitions.

The draft resolution also includes a clause which states that the United States’ role as a serious broker in the peace process was undermined after its president declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel.

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Lavie said the council’s discussion of the Palestinian request sends a worrying message and encourages Palestinians to use international forums instead of direct negotiations.

The conflict did not start after Trump’s declaration, but in the stubborn refusal to accept Israel’s existence in any territory

he said.

Lavie called to include a clause in the resolution on Palestinian incitement against Israel and financing terrorists and their families in reference to the families of martyrs and prisoners in Israeli jails.

The Council of Europe is devoted to the promotion of human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

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