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Turkish whirling dervishes perform in Bangladesh

This is the second annual 3-day long international Sufi festival held in Bangladesh

The Turkish embassy of Bangladesh and the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) hosted the traditional ceremony of Sufi whirling dervishes Saturday night at the Dhaka Shilpakala Academy.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and the Dhaka Shilpakala Academy, Allama Rumi Society Bangladesh and Hatkhola Foundation jointly organised the three day long international Sufi festival.

Addressing the ceremony of whirling dervishes, Turkish Ambassador Öztürk explained the significance of the ceremony and Rumi's philosophy. He said, "Sufism is a message of love, universal love. This is the second sufi festival in Bangladesh but it's a common issues of all Muslims of all over the world. It's the common little between Turkish people and Bangladeshi people. So we are relay glad our team attend this good festival, and as far as I know that's the first time Turkish teems performs on whirling dervishes. Interpretation of Sufism in Turkey and Bangladesh slightly difference but main message love, union and god is the same. We hope that the message will reach all over the world in this difficult time our world needs so much of peace and harmony and tolerance."

Yusuf Muhammed Coordinator & General Secretary of Hatkhola Foundation said, "In the contemporary world, suicides, loss of harmony is common. Muslim attacks of Muslims and non-Muslims, we arrange this program to get rid of this violence.Music purified our mind. We organised the Sufi festival for music practice. The visitors who come here they able to purified their mind. Besides, cultural interaction between our artists and foreign artists will be done through music. As we get something from their culture, they will also take from us our culture. Both cultures will be rich by participating in this event."

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