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Swedish Saab radar plant in UAE sparks controversy

February 28, 2018 at 2:45 pm

Swedish Saab aerospace logo [Wikipedia]

The Swedish Saab aerospace and defence company plans to open a radar production plant in the UAE, sparking controversy in the Scandinavian country over fears that Abu Dhabi might use it for military purposes in Yemen.

“The UAE has a combat military unit in Yemen, and radar systems are for civilian use, but they can be used for military purposes as well, and they will certainly have civilian and military advantages,” said Saab communications director, Sebastian Carlsson.

“The UAE’s participation in the war in Yemen is not an obstacle to the deal,” Carlsson added.

“There are many countries in the world living in different situations of conflict, and we therefore consider it quite reasonable to be there. I gladly delegate the issue of human rights and the like to those who like to theorise around it,” he said.

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