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Erekat: US is determined to destroy peace process

Secretary General of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) Saeb Erekat
Secretary General of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) Saeb Erekat [File photo]

The US administration is resolved to “destroy the peace process and the two-state option”, the Secretary-General of the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s (PLO) Executive Committee, Saeb Erekat, said yesterday.

Erekat’s remarks came during separate meetings with the head of the UN’s Middle East political department, Susanne Rose, and the Japanese Ambassador to Palestine, Takeshi Okubo.

US President Donald Trump’s insistence to violate international law and legitimacy in such a “flagrant manner” has become a “threat” to the security, peace and stability of the Middle East and the world, Erekat stressed.

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Since 2009, the Palestinian official pointed out, the Israeli government headed by the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has drawn up a strategic plan to destroy the two-state solution and replace it with the “apartheid system”, which the US administration has formally adopted, vowing sanctions against any state that upholds international law and votes in favour of Palestine.

He slammed UN ambassadors who responded to an invitation by Israel’s UN envoy, Danny Danon, to visit illegal settlements and occupied East Jerusalem.

“These ambassadors destroy the foundations and principles on which the UN was built,” he stressed.

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