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Senator: Withdrawal from nuclear deal threatens US, Israel security

Former US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders [Gage Skidmore/Flickr]

US Senator Bernie Sanders has slammed President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal signed with Iran saying the “reckless” move “jeopardises the security of both the United States and Israel”.

Trump’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran has put our nation on a dangerous path

Sanders said in a live stream on his Facebook page.

“Trump’s decision isolates the United States from our most important European allies who all continue to support the agreement and have consistently said that it is in their own national security interests to see it upheld,” he said, adding that Trump has even ignored national security officials who confirmed that staying in the agreement serves America’s security interest.

Europeans work to save Iran deal, and business, after Trump pulls out

According to Sanders, “last month, 26 former top-ranking Israeli military and security officials signed a letter urging the United States to maintain the agreement, stating unequivocally that the deal is working and that a US decision to pull out would undermine not just US security, but Israel’s security as well.”

“Withdrawing from the agreement could not only free Iran from the limits placed on its nuclear programme, it would seriously harm America’s ability to negotiate future non-proliferation agreements, such as one with North Korea,” he said.

Sanders called to seek better relations with the Iranian people, noting that the US president made this goal more difficult.

Trump announced on Tuesday that the US would withdraw from the 2015 nuclear agreement signed with Tehran and will reapply sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Russia: US withdrawal JCPOA will have serious consequences

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